help my female dog is peeing on everything!

topic posted Mon, March 17, 2008 - 1:47 PM by  DAWNEL
my bitch is being a bitch she is peeing on everything in the house, my blenket my bed all my stuff what can i do to make her stop? i rubed her nose in it gently spanked her and told her what she did wrong and locked her in the bathroom! please tell me how to brake this out of her my male dog did it once but after being scolded he stoped!!! please help me what can i do?
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    Mon, March 17, 2008 - 2:44 PM
    Ok, first, how old is your dog and what breed is she? Has anything changed recently in your house? For example: moving, boxing up things, moving furniture, new dog/animal, new roommate, loss of an animal/roommate, etc. Is this a recent development?

    By scolding her for peeing in the house, you are probably just frightening her, which makes her more nervous and anxious to make you happy. If she's scared that she's going to get punished by going to the bathroom, she's not going to do it in front of you at all, including outside (if that's where she's supposed to go). Also, by making her nervous or scared, she's probably just going to continue sneaking off away from you to pee somewhere else in the house.

    One last thing: dogs don't speak English :) Even though you "told her what she did wrong," she doesn't understand. She's a dog.

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      Tue, March 18, 2008 - 8:13 AM
      I agree with Stef.

      The fastest way to housebreak a dog (I've been able to housetrain 3 dogs in less than a week with this method) is to praise praise praise when they go outside and ignore it if she goes inside. If she pees inside in front of you, stop her and take her outside to finish up. Praise her when she goes outside. Don't punish her when she goes inside because it will make her more sneaky because she's scared of you. Also, punishing after the fact doesn't do any good as they don't understand what they are being punished for.
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        Wed, March 19, 2008 - 8:09 AM
        great advice, she is 2 1/2 years old she is a mutt i realy don't know what kinda dog she is we got both dog's we have from sepreat people and both are recued dog's yes we are boxing things up and getting ready to move! i don't scold her as much as my hubby dose i think just like me she has a overactive bladder and pee's alot cause i do it sometime's when i laugh or get to upset or though up or sometimes it just leaks out i am takeing meds for it that help sometimes my doc says i may need an operation to fix the problume or maybe just exersize that she had not teched me yet! like yesterday my doggy started to pittle on the rug and my hubby picked her up and put her in the bathroom for punishment i was in the bathroom to and she looked at me with sad eye's and i told her in a gentel voice it wasent her fault that maybe she has the samn problume i do and after i finished going to the bath room i opend the door to let both of us out and she slept by me the whole night and did not have one acident! i think she might be yourky or snozer with dausand chihuahua mix but not sure i know our boy witch is her mate is a 3 1/2 year old chihuahua. both are simpply adorable!!!!
        • I take it she has been spayed? If so talk to your vet about it.. she may also be much older that you think(we seen dog stated from rescues as being younger but turn out to much older) Second PLEASE do not rub the dogs nose in the pee it does not work My wife is dog trainer of over 30 years and broke me of this some time back she said just get the dog out side then bring them in and crate if you can for bit. if you come in and the dog wakes up get her out side ASAP as she will need to go..
          We see this in young dogs and old that have been spayed and start to show up with bladder control problems.

          Be nice to the Dog it can not help the problem and some time a crate will help in keeping the problem from happing every where but you will find out more if it a behavioral problem or control problem as well .

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    Dawn, you should have your dog checked out by your vet if you haven't already. A bladder infection can cause frequent urination. If your female has been spayed she may need estrogen.Does she pee in her sleep or as I call it "leak" urine? I have been giving it to my female for years and it corrected her peeing problem.
    • My male dog (part terrier, part dachshund) "leaks" when he sleeps. I had to train him to sleep by himself b/c I was tired of waking up after rolling into a wet spot! Do you think he has a bladder infection or is in need of hormones? I'm sure it's a little different b/c he's not female. Also, I'm totally sure how old he is. I got him from an animal shelter and they thought he was 2, but if they're correct, he's got an awful lot of gray in in beard and eyebrows for a 5 year old!

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